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FoodSaver 2-IN-1 Food Preservation System, 1.0 CT
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on 5-16-2018.
Product Description
  • FoodSaver 2-IN-1 Food Preservation System.
  • The #1 vacuum sealing system.
  • Keeps food fresh upto 5x longer and helps prevent freezer burn.
  • Vacuum seal rolls for freezer.
  • Vacuum zipper bags for fridge & pantry.
  • More ways to seal.
  • More ways to save.
  • Retractable handheld sealer.
  • Ideal for leftovers and snacks.
  • Express bag maker.
  • Vacuum view window.
  • One touch vacuum and seal bar.
  • Convenient open roll storage.
  • Rapid marinate mode.
  • 5 Year limited warranty**.
  • FM5200 Series.
  • Starter kit includes: 1 11 inch x 10' Vacuum seal roll.
  • 3 qt Vacuum seal bags.
  • 2 gal Vacuum seal bags.
  • 3 qt Vacuum zipper bags.
  • 2 gal Vacuum zipper bags.
  • Automatically creates a seal for your next bag
  • Vacuum View Window enables you to see where you seal
  • Easy-access Open Roll Storage
  • Product Reviews
    Received this as a birthday gift from my wonderful brother. Absolutely love it. Using it to vacuum seal lettuce and other veggies in 1/2gallon mason jars. It's been two weeks, lettuce is still green and fresh. AMAZING! Leave FoodSaver on my countertop and using it daily with zipper vacuum seal/reseal bags to store cheese, lunch meat, etc. Have vacuum sealed and frozen, sausage, bacon, and chicken, I can see where food willl stay fresh longer and save us money. Love it and would recommend it for any size family.



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