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FoodSaver FreshSaver 1-Quart Vacuum Zipper Bags (18 Count)
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on 6-5-2018.
Product Description
FoodSaver Zipper Bags are made for use with FreshSaver Handheld & MealSaver vacuum sealing systems. These bags allow you to package and preserve deli meats, cheeses, leftovers and any other kind of food you need to store. These Quart-Size Vacuum Bags, 18-count, allow you to preserve and protect your food against spoilage. They have been designed with channels that allow complete air removal and a reinforced, double zipper to ensure that you have an airtight seal. Bags are made with a multi-ply construction, which is designed to keep out moisture and oxygen from the inside of your refrigerator. That keeps your food fresher for a longer period of time than plastic wrap or conventional zippered storage bags. FoodSaver Zipper Bags are even strong enough to use in the microwave or to simmer. These clear food saver bags allow you to see the food in them, rather than having to rely on labels.
  • Keeps food fresh in the refrigerator
  • Reinforced Double Zipper ensures an airtight seal
  • Product Reviews
    I started using the zipper bags last year, and have found lots of waste-ending uses for them. One of my favorites, is saving canding in them. I love a variety of candies. I often buy them in the large, family size packages, but almost always the candy becomes hard before we have finished off the bag. Since I began saving these candies in vacuum zippper bags, the problem is gone. Licorice and gummy candies sta soft and pliable. Skittles no longer become dental hazards after a few weeks. And the zipper makes it oh so convenient; if you do not get around to restoring the vacuum for a day or two, it is not a problem. This method is especially great when buying from bulk bins on sale. Initially storing portions in \"right size inch vacuum zipper bags will keep the contents fresh for months (maybe longer but mine never last THAT long ;-).



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