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FoodSaver FreshSaver Handheld Rechargable Vacuum Sealing System
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on 6-5-2018.
Product Description
FoodSaver FSFRH0050 Vacuum Sealing System:
  • Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum Appliance
  • Food vacuum sealer is wonderful for everyday use
  • Use with: specifically designed zipper bags and deli containers
  • One-touch Operation: Vacuums airtight with the press of a button
  • FoodSaver handheld vacuum sealing system's easy clean nozzle catches overflow liquids and is dishwasher-safe
  • Convenient Storage: can be stored in a drawer for easy access
  • Cordless, compact and easy to use
  • Quick and Convenient
  • Keeps Food Fresh Longer
  • Starter Kit Includes: 2 Quart Zipper Bags and Charging Cord
  • Model: FSFRSH0050-P15

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  • Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum Appliance
  • One-touch Operation: Vacuums airtight with the press of a button
  • Product Reviews
    When you don't always want to bring out the big Food Saver vacuum sealer, this little pocket gem is useful.I got it for a few reasons, convincing a friend that vacuum sealing is easy & smart is the main one; but also the convenience, ease & reuse of the zip style bags.Often I wouldn't seal something, because you need to cut off the top of the bag to open it, & the bag gets smaller & smaller. Kind of a waste really. With this hand held, & those specific bags (& containers), you can keep something fresh & save a little more.This system is easy to use. Each bag has a printed 'target' on it in the form of a circle. Do be sure to press the zip sea, & that nothing is along the track, for a good seal. Keep the bag flat (at least on the vacuum corner), & press down.Unlike the Food Saver table model, I haven't found this hand held to turn off when finished, so you'll have to eyeball it to know when it's done. Of course that is relative to what you are sealing. Sealing doesn't have to take long.I did notice some liquid creep along the seals when I marinated the tenderloin. I did try to hand wash the bag to reuse, but the garlic seemed to take over, & I didn't feel that I could get the bag clean enough. Probably could. I used to put my FS regular bags in the dishwasher (inside out).Anyhow, the bottom line is this. It works well. It came with four starter quart size bags, & my friend is interested in vacuum sealing her foods. I love the resealing ability & that this unit is in the drawer handy & not on top of the counter.I see Walmart is carrying many bags & hope to find something larger than a gallon, or the cereal/spaghetti containers that use this sealer. I have a few for my full size sealer, this one is different.I don't know if you can boil in these bags, though I hear that you can't freeze them either, I did use them for Sous Vide cooking & they held up very well.



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