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Miracle Blade III 17-Piece Knife Set
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on 10-1-2018.
Product Description
Miracle Blade III 17 Piece Knife Set:
  • Miracle Blade III 17-piece professional knife set
  • Revolutionary contoured handles for optimal comfort and safety
  • Handy labels on knives eliminates confusion
  • Quick-release areas ensure nothing sticks to blade
  • lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Online Only
UPC: 855209000319
  • Brand: Miracle Blades
  • Part Number: 92MB3RM304
  • Product Reviews
    I ordered the Miracle Blade III set from the manufacturer. Because I ordered through the infomercial ad, I got a double set. I've had the set for about 18 months now. All the knives have rust spots on them (you can see in the pictures I have provided) which tells me they are not the quality steel that is advertised and both sets of shears are broken. The advertisement said the shears were ideal for gardening and since I could not find my clippers, I tried to use a set to shorten some rose stems. On the first stem the handle of the shears snapped in two. You can hold them and tell they are poorly made. They remind me of childhood safety scissors. A few days ago I used my second set of shears to cut open a pill packet and the handle broke (picture provided) in the exact same place as the other pair. The farberware set of shears I bought for 3 dollars on the clearance aisle is 100 times higher quality. I will say though that purchasing the blades through Wal-Mart is a bonus because otherwise you will feel as though you are seriously scammed on the shipping and handling... If you order straight from the company, shipping costs are more than they charge for the blades.



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