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pizzacraft Round Mini Pizza Stones and Domes Set
In stock at Home Depot
on 3-23-2018.
Product Description
Enjoy the same quality of food baked in a professional, brick-lined oven right in your kitchen at home. The pizzacraft Round Mini Pizza Stones and Domes Set is perfect for pizzas, bread pastries or any other baked goods, eliminating hot spots while cooking and producing uniformly browned crust. These stones are easy to maintain, requiring no seasoning or conditioning, and offer exceptional versatility”try them with calzones, mini pies, empanadas, quesadillas or any party appetizer.
  • Convenient for heating and re-heating ready-made frozen pizza and baked goods
  • Stainless steel domes and stones (includes two of each) measure 9 in. diameter
  • Stone is easy to maintain and requires no seasoning or conditioning
  • Ceramic stone helps eliminate hot spots for even cooking
  • Backed by full 1-year warranty



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