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APEC Water Systems Essence Under Counter Reverse Osmosis UV Disinfecting 75 GPD 6-Stage Drinking Water Filtration System
In stock at Home Depot
on 3-23-2018.
Product Description
The ROES-UV75 uses ultraviolet (UV) light to sterilize and kill up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses and disinfects non-chlorinated water sources such as private wells. Equally effective on city tap water, it removes a wide range of other contaminants including chlorine, taste, odor, fluoride, arsenic, lead, chromium and more. Enjoy unlimited safe, clean, great tasting water right at home for drinking, cooking and making delicious coffee, tea and ice. Save money, time and hassle of buying costly, bottled water and live healthier with ultra-safe water that is contaminant free. This Essence 6-stage water filter system is made from high caliber components to deliver exceptional contaminant rejection rates and long-lasting, reliable performance.
  • System is constructed with high quality certified food grade materials and pressure tested to insure high durability
  • Design for easy installation and maintenance in mind while providing up to 99% of water contaminant rejection rate for clean, great tasting water
  • Fit underneath most kitchen sink with wall mountable bracket and is compatible with most industry standard size replacement filters
  • Installation kit includes all necessary components to work with existing under the sink setup
  • Built-in check valve and flow restrictor prevent water from flowing back to the system
  • Design to work with minimum of 40 psi to up to 85 psi of water pressure
  • UV kills parasites in un-chlorinated water for extra protection against all microbial pathogens
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