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Butter Dish with Purple Speckle Glaze

Butter Dish with Purple Speckle Glaze

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An unusual ceramic butter dish with lid is earthenware pottery with a purple speckle ceramic glaze with jet black glazed dish.

Suitable for an 8 oz. or 250g brick of butter or two American style butter sticks.

190mm Long, 125mm Wide, 80mm High - Weight 675 grams Each butter dish is hand made by the artist and individually hand glazed to ensure high quality. Each butter dish is fired in my own electric kiln in my ceramic studio. Not mass-produced in some factory in a far off land, these butter dishes are made by hand and each one has its own identity and is made to the exacting high standards of the artist.

This lovely butter dish will keep your butter soft, fresh and easily spreadable. A perfect and unique gift for your home

Catalogue ID: BD06

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