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Cut Resistant "Love My Glove" for kitchen and more

Cut Resistant "Love My Glove" for kitchen and more

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Our cut resistant “Love My Glove" glove for kitchen and more is ideal for efficiency and safety.

Love My Glove is made from cut resistant fibers wear the glove and it will protect your fingers while working in the kitchen whether you are cutting the vegetables with a sharp knife, shredding the cheese on a shredder or slicing potatoes on a slicer or a dicer.

Love the prep work with 'LOVE MY GLOVE' glove, it is lightweight and flexible to perfectly fit your hand.

1. Lightweight and stretches for a comfortable breathable fit.
2. Cut resistant fiber blend technology makes it 4 times stronger than leather.
3. Protects fingers and knuckles against sharp kitchen utensils (knives, peelers, shredders, zesters etc.) as well as cutting machine/glass handling work.
4. Equal to a standard for level 5 cut resistance.
5. One size fits most: Fitted for both right and left handed use.
6. Machine washable, drip dry.
7. Comes in charcoal color.

** You will receive single Glove that fits right or left hand.


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