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Eco Safe 8 In 1 Silicon Reusable Straws For HOT/COLD Drinks

Eco Safe 8 In 1 Silicon Reusable Straws For HOT/COLD Drinks

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Keep calm and go green.

Enjoy your hot or cold drinks with these Silicon reusable straws and feel good about helping save the environment at the same time. Why use the cheap, only good for one time use plastic straws that you have to throw away and they land in the landfill or the sea and have harmful effects on living things.  Get 6 of these colorful, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly Silicon straws that will last you for a long long time to come. They come in a carrying storage pouch with 2 cleaning brushes, and it is believed that each reusable straw can save an average of 300 one time use straw from contaminating our oceans and trash. 

Feel proud for contributing to green living and make this earth and the planet worth living.


  • They are made of good quality Silicon.
  • They give a feel-good feeling as you are saving the environment.
  • You get set 6 straws with each order.
  • 2 cleaning brushes included for easy cleaning.
  • They come in nice, pastel shades.



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