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Now you have one more reason to enjoy the outdoors this summer.

Start calling your close friends and family and plan for a great cook out. Tell them you are all set with your portable grill and your own My Grilling Mate to grill great food! And when they ask what makes you so excited about it, tell them you got these mats that are made of the same non stick, Teflon® coated non toxic material that our pans are usually made of and so food does not stick, burn or fall down the grill!

My Grilling Mate creates a flat nonstick surface on any grill. The food not only looks great with all the grill marks, it tastes delicious too as the flat mat helps cook everything safe and even, even without the cooking spray. So you know you are eating healthy and you will never have to use 'the elbow grease' to clean the greasy grill now, as the grill never gets greasy in the first place! Just wipe clean the mats and store them easily in the kitchen cabinet, they don't take much space. They are machine washable and reusable, you have a 5 year warranty on them.

It is a 2 pc set of My Grilling Mate Sheets. Get cooking-n-grilling with My Grilling Mate!

What is it?

My Grilling Mate is an affordable non-stick mats that you can place on any grill, charcoal or gas. It prevents food from falling through the cracks of the grill. You can cook anything on the grill with the My Grilling Mate. It’s easy to cook with and easy to clean since its dishwasher safe. It will maximize all the flavors.
How does it work?

When you get the My Grilling Mate sheets, you can customize it simply by cutting it as per the size of your grill if needed and same for your Baking mate sheets. Place My Grilling Mate sheets on top of your grill and start cooking. You won’t have to change the way you grill at all. It is just like cooking on your regular grill.

What is the Advantage of using My Grilling Mate?
• It reduces flare-ups and burning
• 100 % non-stick surface
• Made of PTFE TEFLON® (PFOA free) Food Grade completely safe for cooking can withstand heat up to 500° F.
• Let’s you grill anything and gives you the Grill marks like before.
• No wasting food by dropping between cracks
• Dishwasher safe
• No changes in grilling needed
• Super thin light weight.
• Grill surface stays clean and same with baking as it is non stick

Easy To Use:
• You get 2pcs set consists of: Set of 2 My Grilling Mate measuring 15.75″ x 13″.
• My Grilling Mate is so easy to use, you will never grill without it.
• Simply cut the mat to fit your grill.
• Decide what food you are going to grill.
• Grill as you would regularly use the Black sheet mat for Grilling.
• Let it cool and take it off the grill.
• Wash with soap or toss into the dishwasher.
• Reuse! Over and over again!

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